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"Colored gemstones
and pearls are valued
 according to
 beauty & rarity."




"Burma ruby with its’ “pidgeon blood” red, a Kashmir sapphire of “cornflower” blue or a deep green and clear Colombian emerald make up the most important group of colored gemstones in the marketplace. Treatments have long been an issue.


The market for colored gemstones is such where there is very little value in low quality gems but they gradually increase in value, and then exponentially, as quality and rarity come into account.






Pearls are one of the most misunderstood gems in jewelry appraising.


Pearls can vary in value from under $100 to $3.6M for a two strand necklace of sixty-one and fifty-nine natural pearls, measuring from approximately 6.50 to 12.25 mm which sold at Christie’s in October 2012.


Excellent quality natural seawater pearls have seen an exponential rise in value over the past three years and their expected value in the future will be dependent on demand. Supply is fixed because very few natural pearls are discovered in any year.


The attributes of a better saltwater natural or cultured pearl is perfectly round in shape, with no blemishes and possess excellent luster which is the 'glow' of the pearl which results from the interaction of light with the layers of nacre. To put it another way, if a pearl has good luster you can nearly see your reflection in the material. After you determine quality, value depends on whether they are natural or cultured, size and color."

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